Listing Presentation Summary


Real Estate Business Models
  • Emphasizes your superior business model through a simple comparison to the exact opposite business model – The Big Box Team.
  • Explains exactly why their primary focus is on Listing, while your primary focus is on Selling.  (Do you want to LIST? Or, do you want to SELL?®).
Your Personal Commitment
  • Further emphasis on your superior level of customer service, your integrity, your commitment to ongoing communication, etc.
  • This section establishes strong rapport with ‘Amiable’ and ‘Expressive’ personality types.

The Market

Graphical Overview of Recent and Current Market Activity
  • Begins in 2014 to establish a baseline.
  • Shows clearly how supply and demand have changed over time, and why.
  • Shows normal seasonal activity, as well as anomalies with clear explanations about why those anomalies occurred.
  • Gives a clear explanation of absorption rate and how this indicator may affect future market activity and pricing.
  • This section is always up to date including the most recent supply and demand data from the last month.
  • This section establishes a strong connection with both ‘Analytical’ and ‘Driver’ personality types.

The Price 

Typical Showing Activity
  • An explanation of the three main buyer types.
  • Explains buyer psychology and the critical importance of pricing your home properly, from the start.
  • Shows how your sale price is likely to decline over time.
  • Leads directly into your CMA Presentation.


Before You List!
  • The importance of cleaning, decluttering, and completing minor repairs.
  • Covers all aspects of Home Staging, including a consultation from a Staging Professional, Virtual Staging options, etc.


What Separates You from the Crowd?
  • The critical importance of the best quality photography but also exactly how the images are used.
  • Why you should not use video tours – The pure honesty of this section builds strong trust and respect for your expertise.
  • How to write a compelling story, and why this is a close second in importance, after the images.
  • The central role of the MLS System, presented in a way that shows off your expertise, and builds more trust and agreement.
  • Your Social Media plan – how you can spin this to defeat any other agent, (even if you don’t use social media!).
  • Your Open House plan – How to spin this depending on  if you want to incorporate Open Houses into your marketing (or not).
  • Your plan on how to get the word out even before you list!


The Critical Importance of Regular Reporting
  • How to clearly explain to your client why most feedback is completely useless, so you won't need to waste your time on useless activities.
  • How to report extremely useful and informative information on a regular basis with a completely automated system.
  • Why it is so important to set up a weekly reporting system.


Demonstrating Your Strength
  • How to give your clients absolute confidence in your strong negotiating abilities.
  • An easy way to seamlessly transition from this section into completing the contract!


Your Personal Guarantee
  • Removes any remaining resistance to completing the contract.

List the property! Every time!

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