Knowledge First
Listing Presentation

No Gimmicks

The TRUTH (!) expressed in a way that will differentiate you as a beacon of knowledge, compared to your old-school salesy competitors.  Gimmicks are not needed and are not the way to earn trust.

No Big Teams

We believe that the public is best served by a highly skilled, customer-service-driven individual agent (or two-person partnership). If you believe this too, then Knowledge First was made for you.

True Expertise

When you concentrate on what really works, clients will happily follow your expert guidance. You'll be more focused, more organized, and more successful in every aspect of your business.

A Giant Leap

Take an immediate giant leap forward by adding the Knowledge First Listing Presentation into your arsenal. Then, refine and add to what you’ve learned in small doses with our weekly Action Plan.



The most powerful listing presentation ever devised for individual agents.

  • Designed to appeal to all personality types;
  • Highly intuitive and easy to learn;
  • Clearly differentiates your superior service level compared to the Big Box Teams;
  • Includes a detailed analysis of market conditions, presented in a way that is easy to understand, and clearly demonstrates your deep understanding of the forces affecting your market;
  • Includes a detailed analysis of buyer psychology and why it is so important to price your property properly, from the start;
  • Explains exactly what to do, and what not to do, in order to achieve a successful sale;
  • Clearly explains the basics in a way that is enlightening, and also builds trust and rapport with your client;
  • Loaded with suggestions on how to up your game, and further differentiate you from the crowd of average agents;
  • Fully customizable with several choices of presentation style, colour palettes, and optional slides;
  • Includes prompt monthly updates for the Market Analytics.

"Not only does it win listings when competing with other Realtors, it has built up my confidence like I've never had in my 20 years in real estate. Since I started using Knowledge First I have been in the Top 10 in my office for 4 consecutive months."

— Paula Leemans
RE/MAX Realty Professionals

Straight Talk Action Plans

In addition to your custom Listing Presentation, you'll receive weekly Action Plans. We believe that continuous, practical learning builds good habits and avoids information overload!

We'll cover all aspects of running a successful Real Estate business, including tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of your Listing Presentation, Geo Farming, Marketing, Working with Buyers, and Self-Management Skills.

It’s called ‘Straight Talk’ for a reason. This is super practical information that you can implement into your business, immediately.

Below is a preview of just a few of the topics we've covered.

And much, much more.

See the Listing Presentation in action!

Register for a full video demonstration of the Listing Presentation – from start to finish – including commentary on the psychology that is used.


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