Still debating whether the Knowledge First Master's Program is right for you?

Read Ted's Ironclad Guarantee:

If you don’t agree 100% that the Master’s Program is worth 50X what you paid for it, simply submit your completed workbooks within six months after you start, to receive a full refund.

The completed workbooks provide proof that you watched each module. Proof that you completed the homework is NOT required. 

It’s on me to inspire you to do the homework. Therefore, if I failed to inspire you to do the homework, and THAT’S the reason you did not get the full benefit from the program, you still get a full refund.

WHY am I so ridiculously confident?

Three reasons:

1. Because you chose an amazing career! It’s incredibly EASY to make an extra $50,000 if you simply do the right things and stop doing the wrong things. All you need is a clear-cut game plan.

2. The Master’s Program is unlike ANYTHING you’ve ever seen. It’s a break-through, proven system that will completely change the way you think about Real Estate, forever.

3. If you apply the principles contained inside the Master’s Program, I am 100% certain of your success. “Future you” is going to think of $997 like it’s a pittance. It’ll be the best money you ever spent, so why would you ask for a refund?

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