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If you want to achieve success in anything, you need to gather sufficient knowledge, first! The best of the best continue learning for their entire careers.

A successful career in Real Estate is no different. Just take a look at those who are struggling; they’re the ones who do nothing to improve their knowledge. The most successful agents? They’re constantly learning.

Knowledge First is a way for you to add to your knowledge in an extremely practical way, without having to take a bunch of abstract courses and then figure out how to implement what you’ve learned into your business.

First, you get the most powerful customizable listing presentation there is, designed to be intuitive to learn and to present, and very purposely designed to appeal to all different personality types.  It also includes a detailed analysis of the current market conditions, which is easy to explain and simple for your clients to understand, allowing them to make informed and intelligent decisions, including setting the right price for their listing – not too low and not too high!

Second, you get a weekly Straight Talk Action Plan to improve your systems, make you more organized, and of course, make more sales! This covers all aspects of your Real Estate business, not just listings.

Every Straight Talk Action Plan plainly tells you exactly what to do to start using what you’ve learned, immediately!

The Listing Presentation is actually an ultra fast-track way to learn how Real Estate really works, and to be able to convey that information to your clients in a way that is extremely sensible, building trust and confidence in your expert abilities. It’s like taking a leap ahead in knowledge, practically overnight.

The rest of the program builds upon this foundational knowledge, one step at a time, covering all aspects of your business – not just listings.

You’re missing the point, entirely.

This is about quickly gaining a huge amount of knowledge and skills, and immediately incorporating those new skills and knowledge into your Real Estate business..

Even if you don’t use the Listing Presentation right away (you certainly will eventually), you’re still going to gain the knowledge and skills, which will massively increase your confidence in many different situations.

REALTORS® always talk about how to “differentiate” themselves from their competitors. Here it is, folks!

Because we understand information overload.

If you get a hundred great ideas all at once, your brain will seize up, and chances are you won’t use any of those ideas. Perhaps you can relate?

But, anyone can incorporate one new improvement per week, especially when that single improvement is purposely designed to be extremely practical and straightforward.

We'll tell you exactly how to incorporate each idea into your business, immediately!

If you make one small but important improvement to your business every week, you’re going to be blown away by what your business looks like a year from now.

We don’t believe in the Big-Box Team business model, for many reasons which we won’t get into, here. We know there are team leaders who are highly intelligent, have great integrity, and believe their business model is the best. That’s fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Here’s ours:

We believe that the public is best-served by a highly-skilled, knowledgeable, dedicated, and customer-service-focused individual agent (or a two-person equal partnership).

We've designed Knowledge First very specifically for the type of individual agent who naturally possesses high integrity, and wants to improve their overall knowledge and skills, including customer-service skills, organizational skills, etc. If that sounds like you, you’re the type of person who will benefit the most from this program.

Subscriptions will be capped at only 100 REALTORS® in the Calgary market.

Exclusivity is and always will be an important cornerstone principle of Knowledge First.

Ted was a full-time REALTOR® with RE/MAX Realty Professionals for 14 years, until very recently, when he started Knowledge First.

Ted purposely devoted his first year in Real Estate to gathering knowledge first, and then incorporating that knowledge into his Listing Presentation. 

In Ted's second year, he earned $590,000 in commissions and his career took off from there.

You can do it, too. It’s not as difficult as some people will have you believe. You just need to do the right things and avoid doing the wrong things!

With Knowledge First, Ted is offering you a massive head start over what he had, all for less than the cost of a referral fee on an average commission.

This is a no-brainer. Watch our webinar, before it’s too late!


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