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The $100,000 Commission

Has this ever happened to you?

You procrastinated preparing for a listing presentation. Then, you got super-busy right before the appointment, so you slapped together the CMA at the last minute.

Now, you’re glancing at the comparables at the stoplights on your way over.

You’re not too worried because the clients were recommended by your best referral source and it sounds like a slam-dunk.

You meet them and you make a good connection. You really like them! They’re smart, super-nice, and attentive to your presentation. Not to mention they’ve got a great house!

Sure, you stumbled over a few questions. It wasn’t your best performance ever, but everything seems positive, and they’re going to give you a call the next day. 

On your way home, you feel a bit bad that you weren’t better prepared, but you’ll make it up to them by proving they made the right choice. You’re already looking forward to how you’re going to market a...

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Lessons From The Past

Lessons Learned

Most of us had some previous career, before we became REALTORS®. How about you?

What lessons have you learned from your previous life that you can apply to your Real Estate career?

When I was 26, I started a wholesale motorcycle parts distribution company called Power Twins Performance Parts.

In my first location, I shared a tiny office with another small business owner and stored my inventory on a 400 sq ft mezzanine.  I remember climbing up and down a ladder every time I needed to pack an order.

Early on, I had to sell my treasured vintage 1973 Yoshimura Kawasaki Z-1 to buy groceries.

Also diapers for the new baby boy. Thanks a lot, Kevin!

I still miss that bike.

It was mostly youthful self-confidence and a strong work ethic that kept me going through those early years. 

Long before my phone was ringing with orders, I was doing the dialing, talking to motorcycle dealers across the country.

I just straight-up asked them what it would take to get...

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