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Ten Steps to Greater Self-Confidence

Confidence is attractive.

When you know what you’re talking about, and you present yourself with skill and authority, people will trust you more.

TRUST is the reason you get business.

So, how can you increase your confidence, and thereby create more trust?

I’m not talking about “unwarranted self-confidence,” also known as “cocky arrogance.”

I know for a fact that you, are not suffering from unwarranted self-confidence.

How do I know?

Because these types couldn’t be bothered to read anything to try to improve themselves, which means they’re doomed to stay in their current state forever.

Sure, it’s possible to fool a few people into trusting you through sheer bravado, alone. But it doesn’t last, and it does more harm than good to your brand, overall.

Your brand, by the way, is NOT your logo or your tagline. Those things represent your brand on the surface, but your brand is something much more profound. It’s the...

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Five Simple Steps to Getting Stuff Done

As a busy REALTOR®, chances are you’ve got a hundred little things to get done every day.

And you get them ALL done! Congratulations!

But, what about the BIG stuff?

You know. That website revision you’ve been planning for months, the new listing presentation, or the (fill in the blank) that you never seem to get to, because “there’s never enough time.”

Do you know why there’s never enough time?

It’s because you do the big stuff LAST, when you should be doing it FIRST.

The little stuff is never done, so you never have time to get to the BIG stuff. You’ve got your priorities completely backward. Here’s how to fix that right now:

  1. Accept that you CANNOT “fit in” the BIG stuff whenever “time allows.” Ha! The BIG stuff takes more concentration. You’ll need to work at larger projects for at least one solid hour at a time, without interruption.

  2. Plan to work on your BIG project for one solid Power...
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How to Overcome Your Aversion to Video

“I sound and look terrible.”

The words EVERYONE says immediately after viewing their first video performance.

You think you sound terrible because the voice you’re hearing is not what you hear inside your head.

But ask anyone else. “What are you talking about? Your voice sounds fine.”

That IS your voice, after all.

Now, what about not looking like a movie star? Is that a problem? 

Guess what? You look the way you look, and literally, no-one else in the world has a problem with it. In fact, some of them think you’re downright gorgeous. Just imagine that they all do!

What else? Your performance isn’t up to the standard of a professional news reporter.

OK, you’re probably right about that…

But still, nobody cares! After all, you’re NOT a professional news reporter, right? You’re a skilled, experienced, knowledgeable REALTOR®, and people care about what you’ve got to say.

You are indeed your own worst...

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Communicating in a Pandemic

Many agents are using the current downtime to reach out to their database, which is great!

However, do you communicate with every client in the same way? If so, you should probably stop that.

There are four distinctly different communication styles, and you need to communicate with them in the style that they prefer.

The Analytical

Analyticals may appreciate an email more than a phone call or a zoom call. As with anyone, you should start by checking in and asking how they’re doing, then give them some basic information about how the market is being affected. If you want to continue the conversation, ask them if they’re interested in receiving any further data on the market. If you then follow up with some fancy charts and graphs, the Analytical will think you’re the greatest!

The Driver

Drivers probably do not need to hear from you unless you have something specific to discuss. If you do contact them, either an email or phone call is fine, but make sure you get...

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Lessons From The Present

Are you stuck at home?

Feeling cooped up?

Me, too. I’ve NEVER worked from home, so this is bizarro strange world to me.

There’s one member of our household who is thrilled about it; my dog, Bentley!

He’s getting multiple walks daily, and he’s never left alone. He’s got a permanent smile on.

Lucky for him, he’s oblivious to the challenge we humans are facing right now.

But, I’ve noticed something different about me, too, when I’m walking Bentley.

I appreciate it more! I’m not in a hurry to “get it over with,” like I used to be.

The sun’s beating down on my face. I’m breathing in the fresh air. And you know what? I’m suddenly enormously grateful that I’m able to enjoy the simple things in life.

I think others are feeling it too. I live in a friendly neighborhood, but it’s somehow even friendlier, now.

When a neighbor walks by—even on the other side of the street because we’re...

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