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Your Personal Brand Statement

Why do you “market” yourself?

It’s to establish your BRAND.

To be clear, your brand is not your logo, or your name, or your tagline. Those things represent your brand on the surface. But your brand is something much more profound. It’s the feeling that people have about you, what you represent, and why you are different.

Your Personal Brand Statement should clearly articulate WHO you are, WHAT you stand for, and WHY you’re the reader’s best choice as a professional highly-skilled agent.

For example:

“Hi, I’m Ted. Over the past 14 years, I’ve completed over 1,000 successful Real Estate transactions, one at a time, with care and concern to create the best possible result for each individual client. That’s why I’m proud to say that almost all my business comes from repeats and referrals.”

My personal brand statement is designed to appeal to every different communication style.

Analyticals like the data about the...

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Marketing Your Marketing

There are two distinct marketing functions in Real Estate:

  1. Marketing your Listings and;
  2. Marketing Yourself ‍

A lot of advertising in Real Estate is under the guise of selling a property, but the real intent is marketing yourself and your services. For example, if you’re advertising a listing on Facebook, what do you think the chances are that some random buyer is going to notice your listing, fall in love with it, and buy it?

The chances of that happening—although not impossible—are about as close to zero as you can get.

That doesn’t mean you should NOT advertise on Facebook. You should!  If you’re not on social media, you’re neglecting a critically important tool that every agent should be using.

The point is, even though the line can be blurred sometimes, there’s a difference between marketing your listings and marketing your services.

Let’s think about this. What exactly ARE your services?

A potential seller wants to...

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Marketing the Words

communication marketing Jan 15, 2020

This is the third in a trilogy.  Click here to see Marketing on the MLS and Marketing the Photography.

Let’s pick up where we left off last week.  You’ve captured the attention of that elusive buyer—the one with the short attention span—with your incredible images produced by your celebrity photographer.

You had to do that first because NOBODY is going to read your words if they aren’t first attracted to the images.  Great photography is step #1 in the multi-stage process of selling your listing.

Step #2 is enticing the potential buyer to view the property in person, with your words.  Now, let’s be clear about a very important point before we go any further.

The purpose of the MLS description is to generate as many quality showings as possible—NOT to sell the property.

You don’t propose marriage on the first date, and contrary to popular opinion—you’re NOT supposed to SELL the home with your...

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Marketing the Images

“I use a professional photographer on every listing!”

Big deal!  So does every other competent and half-competent REALTOR® in your market.  Also, most of the incompetent ones.

So, what can you do to separate yourself from the crowd?  First, let’s take a step back and ask a key question:

How important is photography, anyway? 

Last week, we discussed Marketing on the MLS and how—from your sellers’ perspective—the MLS Presentation is BY FAR the most important part of all your marketing efforts.  After all, it’s the source of information for 99% of your potential buyers!

So, what’s the most important component in your MLS Presentation?

It’s the images! 

Think about it from the perspective of potential buyers looking at your listing.  They’re scanning through hundreds of available properties.  What’s the first thing they focus on?  The images!

If they don’t like the...

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Marketing on the MLS

“Anyone can post your listing on the MLS!”

Also, anyone can cut their own hair.  The point is obvious.  There’s a massive difference between an amateur and a professional MLS Presentation.

Let’s take a step back and ask a fundamental question:

How important is the MLS presentation?

Answer: It’s the source of information for 99% of your potential buyers, and therefore—from your sellers’ perspective—it is BY FAR the most important piece in ALL your marketing efforts.  Nothing else even comes close!

What’s your main job as a listing agent?  It’s to generate as many quality showings as possible.  The more showings, the more likely you’ll find the right buyer.

The most important way to generate showings is to have a powerful and compelling presentation on the MLS System.

But very few REALTORS® even mention this vital information during their Listing Presentation!

Why?  Because they...

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*Numerous Ridiculous Conditions Apply

Our industry is ubiquitous with misinformation around marketing.

The absolute worst form of misleading advertising—in my opinion—are some of the “Guaranteed Sale” programs , offered by various brokerages across North America. 

In every “Guaranteed Sale” contract I’ve ever seen, only the most easily saleable homes “qualify” in the first place. 

Even if your home does qualify and you agree to the “numerous ridiculous conditions,” the bottom-line guaranteed price (after all deductions) will be so stupidly low , that hardly anyone in their right mind would ever agree to the terms.

Almost everyone reading this already knows that these programs are essentially “bait and switch” schemes.  The main purpose is to get in front of potential sellers, and then convince them that they don’t need the program, anyway.

“Oh, sorry, your home doesn’t qualify due to the lengthy list of...

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Being a Technical Dinosaur

I’ve got some good news for all you technical dinosaurs:

Don’t worry about it! ‍

It’s just not very important to be up-to-speed on all the latest techie stuff, in order to be a great REALTOR®.  In fact, if you’re constantly re-inventing your business to accommodate the latest trend, it’s impossible to deliver a compelling and consistent message.

Real Estate is a relationship-based business, and you don’t need technical gadgets to build relationships.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t try your best to keep up with technical tools that can help run your business more efficiently.  You should.  Just don’t drive yourself crazy adding technology for the sake of adding technology.

Sometimes, a low-tech solution could work better for you than a high-tech one.  For example, I still keep an appointment book.  That’s right; an actual book, made out of paper, that you write on, with a pen.

I just like to...

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My First Year

marketing self management Sep 19, 2019

I started my career the same way as most of you did, fresh out of Real Estate School with zero prospects and not having a clue what to do next. 

I wanted to learn more, so I explored all the coaching options that were available at the time.  But none of it seemed right for me, especially the idea of “prospecting” every day.  Yuck!

I’m just not the type of person who enjoys calling people out of the blue and reciting canned scripts, “If they say this, you say that!”

Honestly, if I had to be a telemarketer to make a living at Real Estate, I’d rather scrub toilets in a Mexican jail.

I’m not passing judgment.  We’re all different, and for some agents, “prospecting” is a highly-refined art, from which they derive both great success and personal satisfaction.  To each their own.

The other thing the coaches were espousing was spending gazillions on “marketing,” including nonsense like...

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The Truth About Photography

marketing Apr 18, 2019

It’s not JUST the Photographer

“The images are BY FAR the most important component in the marketing of your property.”

Whenever I made this statement during a listing presentation, I can’t remember a single time when my clients didn’t immediately and emphatically agree.

Because, guess what they were doing right before I got there?

Looking at listings!

And, of course, there are always plenty of examples of listings with terrible photography.  There’s no need for you to bring it up.

Your clients will often become quite animated about how awful some of those listings are. 

Of course, you use a professional photographer for all your listings, right?

If you don’t, why are you even reading this?  Go away! You need to go check out the Help Wanted ads, because you’re not going to be a REALTOR® for much longer.

Using a professional photographer is pretty much a basic expected service, nowadays.

So, what else is there to...

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The Truth About Video Tours

marketing Apr 09, 2019


As a Listing Agent, you need to tie together hundreds of different tasks in order to achieve a successful sale. (The public has no idea how much work you do behind the scenes.)

But what is the primary purpose of all the work you do, up until the point of going “live” on the MLS System?

Your #1 most important job is to generate as many showings as possible.

The more showings you are able to generate, the higher the likelihood of achieving a successful sale.

There are plenty of things you can do to make your listing attractive to potential buyers, mostly centered around your presentation on the MLS System.  For example;

  1. A home-staging consultation;
  2. Using a great professional photographer;
  3. The care you take in selecting which images to use and in which order;
  4. Writing a compelling story that highlights the best features of the property;
  5. Et cetera.

Now, what about a video tour?


With the possible exception of some very high-end properties, a...

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