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The Power of Habit

All this month, I’ve been writing about how to Get Stuff Done, in anticipation of a New Year (and a New Decade) just around the corner (34 days to go).

While I’m in the mood to increase productivity (including my own), I started reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, which provides an extremely insightful look at how habits work and how to change them to have a powerful and positive effect on your life.  This book has confirmed to me that I’m on the right track with my last few blog posts, but it’s made things even clearer.  It’s exciting to learn more!

In Rules and Routines, I described how trying to make radical changes through sheer willpower alone was a recipe for disaster, so instead, you should start with baby steps by implementing simple Rules and then building on those Rules over time to create a Routine.

The Power of Habit refers to these baby steps as “small wins,” incremental achievements that give you a sense...

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