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Lessons From The Present

Are you stuck at home?

Feeling cooped up?

Me, too. I’ve NEVER worked from home, so this is bizarro strange world to me.

There’s one member of our household who is thrilled about it; my dog, Bentley!

He’s getting multiple walks daily, and he’s never left alone. He’s got a permanent smile on.

Lucky for him, he’s oblivious to the challenge we humans are facing right now.

But, I’ve noticed something different about me, too, when I’m walking Bentley.

I appreciate it more! I’m not in a hurry to “get it over with,” like I used to be.

The sun’s beating down on my face. I’m breathing in the fresh air. And you know what? I’m suddenly enormously grateful that I’m able to enjoy the simple things in life.

I think others are feeling it too. I live in a friendly neighborhood, but it’s somehow even friendlier, now.

When a neighbor walks by—even on the other side of the street because we’re...

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Lessons From The Past

Lessons Learned

Most of us had some previous career, before we became REALTORS®. How about you?

What lessons have you learned from your previous life that you can apply to your Real Estate career?

When I was 26, I started a wholesale motorcycle parts distribution company called Power Twins Performance Parts.

In my first location, I shared a tiny office with another small business owner and stored my inventory on a 400 sq ft mezzanine.  I remember climbing up and down a ladder every time I needed to pack an order.

Early on, I had to sell my treasured vintage 1973 Yoshimura Kawasaki Z-1 to buy groceries.

Also diapers for the new baby boy. Thanks a lot, Kevin!

I still miss that bike.

It was mostly youthful self-confidence and a strong work ethic that kept me going through those early years. 

Long before my phone was ringing with orders, I was doing the dialing, talking to motorcycle dealers across the country.

I just straight-up asked them what it would take to get...

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Agent Joe Perfect

It’s easy to feel inadequate compared to Agent Joe Perfect, driving his fancy Lambo-Guzzi from one bazillion dollar listing to the next.

But take heart in the fact that Agent Joe Perfect doesn’t actually exist.

Oh sure, he’s on “reality” TV. But those shows could not be more bogus if they tried.

And, yes, there’s probably a few fakey-faker agents in your market, juggling payments on their McMansion (and everything in it).

The Lambo-Guzzi? It’s a lease.

Hey, I’m NOT saying you can’t get rich being a REALTOR®. You certainly can!

But I’ve noticed that very few truly rich people flaunt their wealth.

For example, Warren Buffett lives in a modest home he bought in 1958 for $31,500.

Do you think Mr. Buffett drives a Lambo-Guzzi?

Nope. It’s a 2014 Cadillac XTS, a car with a retail price around $45,000.

And yet, every newbie straight out of Real Estate School thinks he needs to lease a fancy new Beemer he can’t...

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The Case Against Hiring a Real Estate Coach

My competitors produce tons of top-notch quality content. I’m a big fan! I listen to their podcasts regularly for inspiration.

However, the massive volume of information can be completely overwhelming.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’d love to learn more and get more organized, but how in the heck am I supposed to know where to even start? Maybe I should get a coach.”

Wait a sec…

Do you think maybe there’s a connection here?

You feel overwhelmed and inadequate because you can’t make sense of the blizzard of information spewing forth from the famous trainer-guy.

So, now you’re paying $10,000 a year for a weekly chitty-chat with one of his coaches.


Hey, it’s not like having a coach can’t help you. It’s just the main reason given for having a coach that irks me.

 “They keep me accountable.”

Accountable for what?

“For making my calls every day.”

Quick question. Do you ...

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The Great Real Estate Negotiator

Great REALTORS® are problem solvers. They tenaciously look for ways to create agreement.

That’s the very definition of a great negotiator.

The best negotiators are highly creative and determined, and they have a deep understanding of human nature and different communication styles. They know WHAT to say and HOW to say it and WHEN to say it in different situations.

Let’s be clear about something. Being a strong negotiator is not about creating a winner and a loser. You don’t win a negotiation. You create agreement.

As a professional REALTOR®, you are constantly negotiating.

We don’t say this out loud very often (or ever), but the measure of your success as a REALTOR® has way more to do with your ability to negotiate with your own clients, as opposed to the one time during a long process when you’re negotiating with the other side.

The more you create agreement with your client, the more success you have. This begins from the first moment...

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How to find the Best Service Providers in Real Estate

Last week, in Your Brand is Your People, we talked about how every team member and service-provider you have is a direct reflection on YOU.

Now, let’s talk about how to build a list of the best service providers and why this is so important.

Being able to say, “I got a guy for that” can be an instant problem solver that keeps things moving forward.

You’re out looking at homes with your buyers, and you find a property in the exact location they want. It has an ideal floorplan, and it’s priced right. There’s only one issue: The colors are completely outdated.

Your clients see this as a big problem. The thought of moving in and then having to repaint everything seems like way too much hassle. They want to keep looking. That’s when you chime in:

“I got a guy for that. My painter can paint the entire house for less than $5,000, and he can get it done before you move in. Let’s see if we can negotiate the price down a bit more to cover...

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Your Brand is Your People

The idea of surrounding yourself with good people has been around forever. One of the earliest known quotes was from Thag, the caveman.

“Thag hunt mammoth with rock-head Grog; mammoth eat Thag for lunch.”

Thag’s quote was later stolen and modernized by the likes of Tony Robbins and Oprah.

Surrounding yourself with the best people seems obvious, but sometimes we get complacent and start accepting that things are “good enough.”

For example, in Marketing the Images, I mentioned that no matter how great your current photographer is, you need to always be on the lookout for one that is even better. The same goes for every service provider you have. Why? Because:

Your BRAND is only as strong as your weakest team member.

“Good” is not nearly good enough. You must strive to be the best.

You want a business with a never-ending stream of referrals, my friend? Remember this:

Every team member and every service-provider you recommend is a direct...

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1,440 Minutes

You get 1,440 minutes EVERY day, folks. 

What will you do with yours?

Let’s knock off half your minutes (720) for sleeping, eating, grooming, and spending quality time with your family.

Watcha gonna do with the other 720 minutes?

If you waste just 5 minutes an hour for 12 hours, that’s one full HOUR of lost productivity every day.  But only super-humans waste only one hour per day!

Here are a few of the most obvious time-wasters:

  • watching TV
  • surfing the web and social media
  • watching useless videos
  • obsessively checking your smartphone and email

Maybe you don’t do any of those things.  But here are some other insidious time-bandits:

  • making lists over and over again, but never getting started on important work
  • starting projects and never completing them
  • thinking about doing productive activities but accomplishing nothing
  • failing to install safeguards against constant interruptions
  • doing things that someone else could do in half the time for half...
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How to Explode Your Referrals

Starting with ONE client

You start the year in January with one client.  You make a deep and lasting impression on that client, and as a result, they happily refer you to two of their friends. 

Now it’s February, and you’ve got two clients.  Again, you do an amazing job, and each of your two clients is thoroughly impressed.  They each refer you to two of their friends.

Now it’s March, and you’ve got four clients.  If you keep this pace up, how many clients have you accumulated by the end of the year?

Answer: 4,095

You don’t believe me?  Here’s the math: 1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128+256+512+1,024+2,048=4,095

Impossible?  Yes!  But only because once you have an overwhelming number of clients (around June), it becomes unfeasible to perform at an extraordinary level, and therefore you don’t get as many referrals.

Until you reach that point, it’s NOT impossible, and it’s NOT unreasonable to expect to...

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Becoming a Trusted Advisor

NOBODY likes a Salesy Slickster!

But is it possible that your prospects are falsely perceiving you as one? 

This answer is YES.  No matter how much of a genuine person you are, your innocent attempts at helpfulness may be inadvertently sending the wrong message to potential clients, and costing you tens of thousands in missed opportunities.

On the other hand, if you don’t even TRY to strike up conversations about Real Estate, you should find a different occupation.

Becoming a Trusted and Authentic Advisor is a BIG and important subject that interweaves throughout every module in the Real Estate Master’s Program.  For now, and in the interest of brevity, let’s look at a single example of how to improve your interactions.

Converting Open House Prospects to Clients

First, understand the apprehension of your prospects BEFORE they walk in the house.  They’ve already been “attacked” by a few Salesy Slicksters at other Open Houses,...

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