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You Were Right

If you’re a professional REALTOR®, you probably started your career full of enthusiasm, with high ideals that you were “going to make a difference” by providing outstanding service to your clients.  They were going to ❤️ you and your business would flourish, as a result.

Then “reality” set in.  Some other REALTOR® broke the news to you, “That’s not how it works!  Here’s what you gotta do:

Call crappy Internet leads and FSBOs and Expireds all day, using scripts that were developed 50 years ago, “If they say THIS, you say THAT.

"Here’s your scripts; learn ‘em.  Here’s your prospect list; call ‘em.”

Doesn’t that sound dumb when you read it out loud?

If that’s not bad enough, now it’s all the rage to PAY for leads.

Hahahahaha! 😂  PAY for leads?

Guess what?  Those leads are garbage, too.  You wanna PAY for garbage?

News Flash!  You were sold a bill of goods.  

You were right in the first place!

You can build an amazing business focused on customer service, and you can develop a never-ending stream of referrals, and you can achieve all your dreams.

It’s so much easier to work with warm leads and hot leads.  There’s an abundance of them, and they’re FREE.

They’re out there.  Right now.  You just zigged when you should have zagged, so you can't find them.  That’s all it is.

There's a pathway to success that is sensible, practical, rewarding, and aligns with your core values.  You just need a map to get there.

I stumbled down the right path by pure fluke, mostly because I refused to believe that chasing garbage leads every day was the one and only path to success.

I had zero clients and zero prospects, so I just started experimenting.  Some things worked, and some things didn't, but I figured it out.  In my second year, I made $590,000, and my career took off from there.

If only I knew then what I know now!

I wasted piles of money trying different things that didn't work, until I figured out that I was getting the most traction from the FREE strategies that I employed.

I had a great career that I thoroughly enjoyed, so people ask me all the time why I quit.  It’s because I've earned the right to do whatever I want, and I want to be a coach now!  I love helping high-integrity agents to find the right path.

The most unexpected part of my career transition is that I’ve learned more in the last six months about what it takes to be a great agent than I learned in my entire 14-year Real Estate career!

I'm loving my new career and I'm quickly becoming more skilled as a coach than I ever was as an agent.

I can teach ANY high-integrity agent how to achieve all the success you want.  There's a catch, though:

You have to be willing to do WORK.

I know!  I know!  Who wants to do work?  Ewww!

If doing work turns you off, I suggest you stop wasting your time reading this drivel, and get back to searching for the magic pill; the one that’s going to solve all your problems.  It’s out there somewhere!  And maybe stop at the store on your way and buy a fistful of lottery tickets.

This sounds like a pitch for my coaching business, but it’s not.  I’m booked solid.  Sorry!

(You can still request to go on a waiting list if you wish).

Or, watch out for the Knowledge First Real Estate Master’s Program, coming soon.

This post was really written to draw attention to my other blog posts, which have a lot more usable content that you can put to work building your dream business, immediately. Read more here if you’re curious.

—Coach Ted

Ted Greenhough

12 X RE/MAX Chairman’s Club ($500K+) all as an individual agent (2006-2017)
Now, I teach good REALTORS® how to be great REALTORS®

Knowledge First Real Estate Training
Knowledge + Action = Skill

Our mission: “To dramatically elevate the standard of service in Real Estate in North America.”

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