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Why You Get Referrals

You get referrals from your past clients for one reason:

They’re 100% confident that you’re going to make them look good. 💯

They boast about your skills like they just hired Michaelangelo to paint the powder room.

They know with certainty that you’re going to give their family and friends the exact same exceptional service and skilled guidance that you provided to them. 

When people have this level of confidence, they will go out of their way to recommend you, without being asked! They overhear a stranger talking about Real Estate in the grocery store, and they’re tempted to run over and push your services on them.

The only thing that stops them is the fear of looking like a raving lunatic. 🤪

When it comes to family and friends, there’s no hesitation.

“You’ve GOT to use (first name), the best REALTOR® in the world!”

But what if your client’s experience with you wasn’t top-notch? It was okay. Your customer service was “fine.”

But, they’re not 100% confident in your ABILITIES. They wonder if maybe they could have done better. Will they still refer you?

“Yeah, we better not.”

Why should they take the risk that you might make them look bad to their family or friends? 

Remember this:

You don’t get referrals by asking.  You get them by DESERVING. 😁

You deserve referrals when you provide an exceptional Real Estate experience from start to finish. The foundation of that is having superior knowledge and skills, and the right systems and procedures to consistently deliver excellent results. 

When you’ve got superior knowledge, skills, and systems, you can then focus on providing the best customer service experience.  

Exceptional customer service is like the icing on the cake.  But you need the cake first.  Have you ever eaten a bowl full of icing? Sure it’s sweet at first. Then it gets a little sickening.

Bake an awesome cake. Then, add the icing.

In 1955, Albert Einstein gave this advice to a young man:

“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of VALUE.” 🤓

You want more business?

You can’t survive on customer service, alone.

Improve your knowledge and skills. Implement better systems and procedures. Exceed your clients’ expectations by actually BEING a better Real Estate agent.

This is the true secret to a never-ending stream of incoming referrals.

—Coach Ted

I teach GOOD REALTORS® how to become GREAT REALTORS®, with a simple, logical, easy-to-follow, easy-to-implement, inspirational step-by-step program.

Ted Greenhough
Knowledge First Real Estate Training
Knowledge + Action = Skill

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