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To Video or Not to Video?

marketing Jan 11, 2019

If you’re marketing on social media to capture leads, you absolutely must be using video.  REALTORS® who use video on Facebook ads consistently get far cheaper and better quality results. If you think the future of social media marketing is not all about video, you’re not paying attention. 

“If that’s true, why don’t you use video more, Ted?”

Mainly because I’m not trying to capture unknown potential clients, like you are.  If you’re reading this, it’s because I’ve already specifically targeted you as a potential client for Knowledge First.

If I was going to make a comeback as an active agent (I’m not), I would most definitely concentrate my marketing on Facebook ads, and they would ALL be video. 

Right now, 99% of REALTORS® are doing social media completely wrong, just randomly burning their time and money.  Why bother?  Spend a few bucks on proper training and learn how to do it right.

I’m not the best trainer for this, by the way.  I plan to learn more, but for now, I’ve watched a few trainers that specialize in this and I can happily recommend one of them; just ask..

Back to video:

Let’s switch focus and talk about marketing your listings.  To be clear:

Generating leads is NOT the same as generating showings.

From your sellers’ perspective, your main job should be to generate as many showings as possible.

Will video help you generate more showings?

In most cases, absolutely NOT!  In fact, the better your video, the more of a disservice you are likely providing to your seller. 

Here’s some cold hard truth that your sellers may not realize:

Buyers are not looking for a reason to view their property.  They’re looking for a reason not to view it! Having a shorter list of properties to view makes their lives easier.

If buyers are looking for a reason not to view the property, if you show them every square inch of it in a video, for sure they’re going to find something they don’t like.

“Oh, good!  We don’t need to see this one!”

Instead, you should be concentrating on showing only the best features of the property, with great quality still images, piquing the potential buyers’ curiosity and creating a feeling that they MUST book a showing, in order to see more.

“So, Ted.  You’re saying we should use video for self-promotion on Facebook, but we should not use video to generate showings.  This is confusing.”

It’s only confusing because you’re forgetting that these are two different things.

Go ahead and use video for lead generation on social media, but do NOT use a video link on the MLS presentation, where 99% of your potential serious qualified buyers, are going to find out about the property.

Generating leads and generating showings are two different things.  You need a different strategy for each.

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—Coach Ted



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