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The MLS System

marketing Dec 28, 2018

“Anyone can post your listing on the MLS!”


Also, anyone can cut their own hair.

The point is obvious (I hope). The difference between an amateur MLS Presentation and a professional one, is night and day.

Let’s take a step back, and ask a fundamental question:

How important is the MLS presentation?

Answer: It’s the original source of information for 99% of your potential buyers.

If the information was found on the Internet (on any website), then the source of the information is the MLS presentation, every aspect of which was designed by you.

How else does anyone find out about your listings? If you can think of any answer to this question, then ask yourself, “What do they do next?”

Answer: They access the Internet and your MLS presentation to gather more information.

OK, that’s settled. Next question:

What is the primary purpose of the MLS System?

Answer: It’s to generate showings. As many as possible. Period.

Real Estate sales is a multi-stage process. Step #1 is to generate showings.  Would you buy a house without viewing it first?

Me neither.

Many agents forget this, and they try to sell the listing by utilizing one (or all) of the following methods:

  1. They don’t put enough importance on the quality and selection of the images;
  2. They attempt to describe every tiny detail of the property, rather than focusing on the best features that are most likely to pique the readers’ curiosity;
  3. They fancy themselves as novelists, and they fail miserably at writing a flowery highly descriptive “story”, that nobody wants to read.
  4. They write the same way for every listing, rather than spending the time necessary to understand their most likely target buyer for the property being marketed, and what might motivate that person.

Next question:

Why do most REALTORS® never mention the MLS System in their Listing Presentation?

Answer: It’s because they don’t know how to respond to the common belief that, “Anyone can post your listing on the MLS”.

But, avoiding talking about the most important part of your job does nothing to separate you from the plethora of amateur REALTORS®, and it reinforces the public’s misconception that “anyone can do it”.

Rather than avoiding the conversation, Knowledge First subscribers learn how to talk about the MLS Presentation like true professionals, explaining in detail exactly how and why they concentrate so much time and energy into this critical aspect of the sales process, rather than wasting time on stupid gimmicks that don’t work.

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—Coach Ted


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