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The Little Things

Some REALTORS® are on a continuous quest for the magic pill that one day—ONE DAY!—will rocket them to a life of fabulous success and wealth. 

But I’m guessing that 👉 YOU 👈 are NOT one of these dreamer-types.  You know how I know?

Because dreamers don’t go to the trouble of reading articles about how to be better.

Dreamers glance at the headline… “The little things?   I don’t want little things.  I want one simple BIG thing!”

And… They continue their futile quest.  I’ve seen many REALTORS® waste their entire careers chasing after the magic pill. 😔

True success is about doing a lot of little things correctly and in the proper sequence.

But, it can seem overwhelming to know what to do, why to do it, and how to do it.

It’s like a giant pile of puzzle pieces, with pieces from another puzzle mixed into your pile, and you’re missing the box, so you can’t even see what your puzzle is supposed to look like!

Is this how you feel as a REALTOR® sometimes?

Let me offer you some clarity.

Simply watch the Knowledge First Listing Presentation, and decide if it feels right for you, or not. (It’s not for everyone, but… Hint: if you’re a high-integrity, customer-service-driven agent, it probably is.)

Once you’ve seen it, I GUARANTEE that you will know with absolute clarity if this program is right for you, or not.  And, even if it isn’t—for whatever reason—you will certainly still learn some very important strategies, which will pay you for the rest of your career.  

The KF Listing Presentation is like having the framework of your puzzle already completed, with all the bad pieces removed from your pile, and you’ve got the box back so you can see the Big Picture!

You’ll see exactly what to do in order to have a more organized business, why it works so well in every different scenario, and how it works for every different personality type.

If you decide to subscribe, after you receive your customized presentation, we then send you a small handful of puzzle pieces every week, with crystal clear instructions on exactly where to place each one of them, in order to continually improve your business processes.

The Weekly Straight Talk Action Plan:

Straight Talk – A two-minute read (straight to the point) about a specific area in your Real Estate business that probably needs improvement. 

Action Plan – Do this and do that.  Simple.  You’ve now incorporated that improvement into your business.  This will take an average of one hour per week.

You know what?  Your business is no longer a puzzle.  You’ll get continuous steady guidance, covering all aspects of your Real Estate business, for as long as you choose to continue your subscription.

Watch the demo here.

—Coach Ted

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