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Ten Steps to Greater Self-Confidence

Confidence is attractive.

When you know what you’re talking about, and you present yourself with skill and authority, people will trust you more.

TRUST is the reason you get business. 🤝

So, how can you increase your confidence, and thereby create more trust?

I’m not talking about “unwarranted self-confidence,” also known as “cocky arrogance.”

I know for a fact that you, are not suffering from unwarranted self-confidence.

How do I know?

Because these types couldn’t be bothered to read anything to try to improve themselves, which means they’re doomed to stay in their current state forever.

Sure, it’s possible to fool a few people into trusting you through sheer bravado, alone. But it doesn’t last, and it does more harm than good to your brand, overall. 😟

Your brand, by the way, is NOT your logo or your tagline. Those things represent your brand on the surface, but your brand is something much more profound. It’s the feeling that people have about you, what you represent, and why you are different.

That’s a huge topic, which I will discuss in more detail in future blog posts. It’s also the underlying theme of my entire online course – The Master’s Program. After all, when you’ve got skills that are light years ahead of your competitors, it’s incredibly easy and natural to create a powerful brand. 🤩

For now, what are some practical ways for you to improve your self-confidence, and thereby increase trust with potential clients?

These ten suggestions are from the Master’s Program – module #6 Relationship Selling.

  1. Dress SHARPLY. If you’ve got some favorite clothes that make you feel good, I suggest you invest in upgrading your wardrobe to having more of the clothes you love and get rid of things you never wear. Dressing in sharp-looking clothes every day can make you feel more successful and presentable.
  2. Kill the NEGATIVE self-talk. You are what you think! This is too large a topic to cover in a couple of sentences, so please do some additional research if you have a problem with negative self-talk.  There are a few simple skills you can master to put this confidence killer behind you forever.
  3. Act POSITIVE. Speak positively and focus on solutions. Energize your actions and think about the positive outcome you want to achieve rather than thinking about why you can’t do it.  I am continually astounded by the power of the mind. Put YOUR mind to work!
  4. If you don’t KNOW something, don’t worry about it! I completed 1,000 transactions throughout my Real Estate career, and I uttered this statement almost daily: “I don’t know, but I’ll find out!” Then guess what I did?  I found out and responded.  You can, too.  Don’t put unrealistic expectations on yourself that you should know everything.
  5. Work on your ORGANIZATIONAL skills and allow yourself extra time to prepare for meetings thoroughly. This is simple. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel.
  6. Fix your ISSUES. If you need to lose weight, quit smoking, get in better shape, or end an unhealthy relationship, DO it. Or at least take a baby step.  Every journey begins with a single step.  You’ll be amazed at how personal achievement spills over into your professional life.
  7. Set a small GOAL and achieve it. If you need to lose fifty pounds, that can feel overwhelming. But, to get started, what if you commit to not eating after 7:00 pm?  That’s it, that’s all, for now. You can set another small goal, later if you want.  It’s easy to achieve small goals, one step at a time.
  8. Clean up your ACT. You know what I do every morning when I come into my office? I clean up and organize for a few minutes. Then  I get to work in a tidy, organized environment for the rest of the day.  It’s a small thing, but it pays off exponentially in increased productivity, and it improves self-esteem and confidence.
  9. Be GRATEFUL, kind, generous, and true to your values. It does wonders for your self-esteem and confidence when you feel good about yourself!
  10. OWN the fact that you’re better than you think. By taking this course and completing it, you’re accomplishing more than 99% of your competitors! And you’re just going to get better and better and better as you continue.  You’re on the right track!

Regarding item #10, remember that I copied these suggestions directly from the Master’s Program. The point is that investing in yourself to increase your knowledge and skills is BY FAR, the best way to improve your confidence dramatically.

Experts exude confidence. That’s why people trust them.

—Coach Ted

I teach GOOD REALTORS® how to become GREAT REALTORS®, with a simple, logical, easy-to-follow, easy-to-implement, inspirational step-by-step program.

Ted Greenhough
Knowledge First Real Estate Training
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