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The Truth About Video Tours

marketing Apr 09, 2019


As a Listing Agent, you need to tie together hundreds of different tasks in order to achieve a successful sale. (The public has no idea how much work you do behind the scenes.)

But what is the primary purpose of all the work you do, up until the point of going “live” on the MLS System?

Your #1 most important job is to generate as many showings as possible.

The more showings you are able to generate, the higher the likelihood of achieving a successful sale.

There are plenty of things you can do to make your listing attractive to potential buyers, mostly centered around your presentation on the MLS System.  For example;

  1. A home-staging consultation; 🎭
  2. Using a great professional photographer; 📷
  3. The care you take in selecting which images to use and in which order; 🏡
  4. Writing a compelling story that highlights the best features of the property; 📖
  5. Et cetera.

Now, what about a video tour? 📹


With the possible exception of some very high-end properties, a Video Tour is probably:

  1. A complete waste of time and money, and;
  2. Hindering the listing much more than it is helping.

Here’s a cold hard truth your sellers might not like to hear (but they should):

Potential buyers are NOT looking for a reason to view your property.  On the contrary, they’re looking for a reason NOT to view it.

“I’ve got sixteen listings to choose from and I need to narrow that list down to five.”

If you’ve got a fancy-schmancy video tour and the potential buyer can look through every square inch of your house, you’ve just increased the odds that they’ll find something they don’t like.

“Oh, good!  We don’t need to see this one!” 👎

You see what happened there?  Your fancy-schmancy video just eliminated a showing.  😞

“But Ted!  If they found something in the video they didn’t like, the showing would have been a waste of time anyway!”

Nonsense!  There’s no video tour in the world that can ever hold a candle to the emotional experience of being in a home and getting a true feel for it.

The same can be said for any experience.  BEING THERE is always infinitely more powerful than watching a video.  That’s why people spend money to BE at the hockey game or BE at the concert.

One of the biggest mistakes I see REALTORS® make all the time is showing too much and saying too much in their listing, as if they’re trying to sell you the property through the presentation itself. 

Instead, you should be focusing on only the best features of the property, with the best quality still images, thereby piquing the potential buyers’ curiosity and creating a feeling that the only way to see more is to:


That’s what you’re supposed to be doing.  Remember?

If you agree, the worst thing you can do now is to eliminate the video tour from your discussion during your listing presentation.  Bring it up!

But now you’re going to explain why you don’t do video tours.

When you do this effectively, your clients will get it!  You’re now educating them and you’re building trust and rapport and agreement with everything you’re saying.

And by the way, you just defeated the Gimmicky Slickster agent who was there before you and who was all about his fancy-schmancy video tour.

—Coach Ted
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