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The Truth About Photography

marketing Apr 18, 2019

It’s not JUST the Photographer

“The images are BY FAR the most important component in the marketing of your property.”

Whenever I made this statement during a listing presentation, I can’t remember a single time when my clients didn’t immediately and emphatically agree.

Because, guess what they were doing right before I got there?

Looking at listings! 🏠

And, of course, there are always plenty of examples of listings with terrible photography.  There’s no need for you to bring it up.

Your clients will often become quite animated about how awful some of those listings are. 

Of course, you use a professional photographer for all your listings, right?

If you don’t, why are you even reading this?  Go away! 👋 You need to go check out the Help Wanted ads, because you’re not going to be a REALTOR® for much longer.

Using a professional photographer is pretty much a basic expected service, nowadays.

So, what else is there to talk about?


Ask yourself: Does every REALTOR® offer the same level of knowledge, skill, and service? 

Of course not! 😂

The same goes for photographers.

You should be relentless in your search for the best Real Estate photographer there is in your market.  When you find one that is consistently even slightly better than the one you are using currently, fire the old one. 

“But Ted!  She charges $50 more than my guy!”

😠 Are you serious?  We’re talking about the most important component in your marketing plan and you’re worried about saving $50?

Come on now! 

When your clients always agree that the photography is the most important component in the marketing of their property, how powerful is it for you to be able to state and demonstrate that you’ve got the best photographer in the business?

Okay, that’s settled.  Let’s move on.  Here’s another statement I always made in my listing presentation:

“If an image does not contribute towards generating a showing, we do not use it.”

Think about it.  Your #1 job is to generate as many showings as possible.

So why would you include a boring picture that doesn’t contribute anything towards generating a showing?  Here’s an analogy that you can use:

You’ve got two equivalent listings.

Listing ‘A ‘has ten powerful images.  Each one shows off one of the best features of the property.

Listing ‘B’ has ten equivalent powerful images, but it also has ten more “filler” images that do nothing to contribute towards generating a showing.

Which listing is more effective?

It’s Listing ‘A’, of course.  The overall impact of Listing ‘B’ is diluted, and therefore it’s less effective.

In my local market, we’re allowed to show up to 50 images, and some agents actually fill up every single one of those 50 slots.  These are the most BORING and ineffective presentations.  💤

Sometimes, LESS is MORE.

Another important consideration is the order of the presentation of the images.  Which one is first, second, third, etc?  The care that you take in making these selections is one more thing you can explain in your presentation.

When everyone agrees that the photography is the most important component in the marketing of a property, doesn’t it make sense that you should be spending more time talking about these aspects in your listing presentation?

When virtually every decent REALTOR® is using a professional photographer, you need to say a lot more than, “I use a professional photographer.”

In a powerful listing presentation, you should be educating your client, and building trust and rapport and agreement with everything you are saying. 

If you’d like to see my complete listing presentation, click here.

Until next week…

—Ted Greenhough
Knowledge First Real Estate Training

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