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The Truth About Real Estate Training

general real estate May 09, 2019

When it comes to choosing a REALTOR®, one of my core beliefs is that the public is best served by having direct communication with a knowledgeable, skilled, customer-service-focused individual agent (or partnership).

I was a top-performing individual agent for my entire career, earning between $590,000 and $865,000 from my second year–on.

When I first started in Real Estate, I realized right away that I was severely lacking in the level of knowledge and skills that I expected of myself, in order to feel like a true professional.

Let’s face it; it doesn’t take long to figure out that the stuff they teach you in “REALTOR® School” is woefully inadequate in the real world.

Compared to my previous business career – where I was regarded as an industry leader as the founder and president of a $50M company – when I first started in Real Estate, I felt like a fraud.

I mean, why should anyone trust ME – with such a minimal level of knowledge and skill – to take care of the purchase or sale of their largest and most important financial asset?

I wanted to learn as much as I could, so I investigated all the available Real Estate training programs that were available at the time.  But what I found out was shocking to me.

It seemed like virtually all the training was focused on “How to generate leads and then relentlessly chase them down”.

This included cold-calling (yuck), pre-canned scripts (If they say THIS you say THAT), as well as instruction on how to spend your way to prosperity with crazy expensive advertising campaigns, often utilizing what I consider to be deceptive marketing tactics, such as various Guaranteed Sold programs.

Today – STILL – almost all Real Estate training is about chasing after leads and learning scripts.

Where’s the training on how to be a great REALTOR® by providing an exceptional level of customer service, and delivering outstanding results?

It seems as non-existent today as it was back when I first started my Real Estate career.

So, I made the decision to figure it out on my own, and I dedicated my first year in Real Estate to learning how to be a great REALTOR®.

I did it by trial and error.  And believe me I made plenty of errors.

But I figured it out.  In my second year I made $590,000 in commissions and my career took off from there.

By developing my skills and setting a new standard for client communication and service, I quickly established myself as a Trusted Real Estate Authority.

That’s the real “secret” folks.

Wouldn’t you rather be taking care of business, rather than chasing after business?

I never once had to chase after business.  You know why?

Because the public is desperate to find a knowledgeable and skilled REALTOR® with high integrity; one who knows how to consistently deliver superior results, without using gimmicks or slick sales tactics.

I can show 👉 YOU 👈 how to do the exact same thing, if you want. 

I know I don’t have the same name recognition as Mike Ferry, or Tom Ferry, or Craig Proctor. 

But that’s okay because I have zero interest in teaching their stuff.

I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with most of what they teach.  In fact, if that is what you want and like to do, I say go for it!

But, we’re all different.  There are many different paths to a rewarding career in Real Estate.

If you want to learn how to deliver outstanding results and build a never-ending stream of referrals, book your one-on-one coaching session with me here.

Or, feel free to give me a call 403-973-9730, email me at [email protected], or check out our website

Remember this:

Amateurs chase…  Professionals attract.

Ted Greenhough

12 X RE/MAX Chairman’s Club ($500K+) all as an individual agent (2006-2017)
Now, I teach good REALTORS® how to be great REALTORS®

Knowledge First Real Estate Training
Knowledge + Action = Skill

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