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Be Positive. And Negative.

EVERY property has a Balance Sheet.  If you add up the assets and liabilities correctly, chances are you’ve found the sweet spot on the price — not too low and not too high.

But how do you convince the seller?  After all; almost every seller thinks their property is worth more than it is.  That’s because they tend to compare the best features of their property against the worst features of the competing properties.  Also, they have a curious ability to twist a negative into a positive!

“Check out our tiny backyard!  It only takes five minutes to mow the lawn, while the poor neighbour is slaving away for an hour!”

This is totally normal.  After all; they bought the property because they liked it better than anything else that was available at the time, for their own reasons.

If you go in and start slamming all the negatives to get them to “see the light” and “price it right,” you’re going to lose more listings than you win.  Who wants to hire Negative-Nellie to sell their home?

Nobody.  That’s who.

On the other hand, if you’re Charming-Charlie and you tell them whatever they want to hear to get the listing at any cost, you’re going to be perpetually stuck with a pile of over-priced listings.

Both Negative-Nellie and Charming-Charlie are unskilled.  And poor.

Your job is to have an unbiased perspective and to be tactful in the delivery of the information. 

If you can clearly identify and describe the most likely potential buyer group, you can then analyze the property from that group’s perspective.  Blame it on them!

A skilled agent can prove and demonstrate what this buyer group wants (and doesn’t want), based on what has sold (and not sold).

To do this effectively, you need to be thinking about this while you’re building your CMA.  Look at it from every different angle.

Be Positive.  What are some of the best features that would appeal to the target buyer group?

Be Negative.  What would this buyer group dislike?

For example, if your target buyer group is a young family, there’s an overwhelming likelihood that they’re going to want a decent-sized back yard.  Not a tiny “easy to mow” yard.

The more time you put into building your CMA, the more confident (and tactful) you can be when you are presenting it.  What I’ve found is that the vast majority of people really do want and appreciate an honest, unbiased perspective, when it comes to pricing. 

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the public expects you to provide an EXPERT opinion.

For those sellers who don’t want to heed your expert advice:  Walk away.  It’s not worth the aggravation to deal with people who won’t listen to sound reasoning.

However…  If you find yourself walking away from too many listings, or taking on over-priced listings, consider the possibility that you may need to develop your analytical and presentation skills further.   

If you are struggling with this aspect of your business, I’m doing one-on-one “CMA Training” right now, where we use a specific real-world example of your upcoming listing.

“You can’t get this level of training from ANYONE else.”

If you disagree with that statement, you pay nothing.  At the risk of sounding arrogant, it’s pretty easy for me to offer that guarantee, knowing there is zero chance I’ll be issuing any refunds.

Calgary agents only for now, as I have limited availability and I prefer to do the training face-to-face. 

Just call me (403-973-9730) or send me an email ([email protected]) for more information.

—Coach Ted

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