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How to Overcome Your Aversion to Video

“I sound and look terrible.” 😖

The words EVERYONE says immediately after viewing their first video performance.

You think you sound terrible because the voice you’re hearing is not what you hear inside your head.

But ask anyone else. “What are you talking about? Your voice sounds fine.”

That IS your voice, after all.

Now, what about not looking like a movie star? Is that a problem? 

Guess what? You look the way you look, and literally, no-one else in the world has a problem with it. In fact, some of them think you’re downright gorgeous. Just imagine that they all do! 😃

What else? Your performance isn’t up to the standard of a professional news reporter.

OK, you’re probably right about that…

But still, nobody cares! After all, you’re NOT a professional news reporter, right? You’re a skilled, experienced, knowledgeable REALTOR®, and people care about what you’ve got to say.

You are indeed your own worst critic. EVERYONE else thinks you’re great. 🤗

I’ll tell you a secret. I’m giving you this advice, but I literally cannot watch myself on my own videos I’ve produced for my course. I cringe every time I see how incredibly awful I look and sound.

But when I admit this to others, they tell me I’m crazy.

(I still sort of think they’re lying so as not to hurt my feelings.)

The truth is I have to fight my perfectionist tendencies. I know if I don’t force myself to release those videos—as imperfect as I think they are—they would literally NEVER get done.

I’ve learned that obsessing over being perfect prevents me from growing. 🤔

Besides, I plan to revise the 14 modules over time continually. Will they get better and better? Sure!

And so will your stuff. You’ve just got to get started. The more you practice, the better you get, just like everything else in life that is new to you.

Who would have guessed there would be a time when it would be impossible to meet your clients face-to-face? If there was ever a time to overcome your aversion to doing video, this is it!

Stop obsessing. Start doing. Start growing.

Here’s a great YouTube video to get you started How to Vlog with a Phone.

—Coach Ted

I teach GOOD REALTORS® how to become GREAT REALTORS®, with a simple, logical, easy-to-follow, easy-to-implement, inspirational step-by-step program.

Ted Greenhough
Knowledge First Real Estate Training
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