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Marketing Your Marketing

There are two distinct marketing functions in Real Estate:

  1. Marketing your Listings 🏡 and;
  2. Marketing Yourself 👨🏾‍💼

A lot of advertising in Real Estate is under the guise of selling a property, but the real intent is marketing yourself and your services. For example, if you’re advertising a listing on Facebook, what do you think the chances are that some random buyer is going to notice your listing, fall in love with it, and buy it?

The chances of that happening—although not impossible—are about as close to zero as you can get.

That doesn’t mean you should NOT advertise on Facebook. You should!  If you’re not on social media, you’re neglecting a critically important tool that every agent should be using.

The point is, even though the line can be blurred sometimes, there’s a difference between marketing your listings and marketing your services.

Let’s think about this. What exactly ARE your services? 🤔

A potential seller wants to know exactly HOW you’re going to get them top dollar for their home, right?

That’s why I believe advertising yourself should be mostly about HOW you market your properties, or, as I call it:

Marketing your Marketing! 😃

The first step is to learn how to BE the BEST at marketing your properties. When you achieve that, ‘marketing your marketing’ is easy!

Too many agents want to know what they should do to promote themselves, but when I ask them to verbalize what makes them better than the other 5,000 agents, they’re dumbstruck.

What about you? Can you clearly define exactly why you’re the best?

When you can, your marketing plan becomes obvious. You won’t need to ask me to make something up.

Learn how to be better at your job, FIRST.

THEN, market yourself. It’s way more fun, AND rewarding.

Members Note: Module #11 Pricing Psychology, and Module #12 Marketing Your Listings, are in post-production right now. Watch for them both very soon!

—Coach Ted

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