How to Make an Extra $1.6M

listing presentation Jan 04, 2019

Over the course of my 14-year career, I sold close to 1,000 properties.  I won the vast majority of my listing presentations, but I estimate I lost—on average—one per month. 

That’s 168 missed opportunities over 14 years, with an average commission of $9,525.

That’s $1,600,000.

Writing that number makes me a bit sick, to tell the truth.

I could sure use an extra $1.6M right now.  I'd finally buy that Lambo...

I had a very good listing presentation, or at least I thought so.  Now, I realize it was garbage compared to this beautiful thing I’ve been obsessing over, for the past several months!

It’s not fair, really.  There’s no possible way that you (or any other successful agent) could possibly devote the time it takes to develop:

“The World’s Most Powerful and Compelling Real Estate Listing Presentation”

But I do. 

In fact, now that I’m retired from being an active agent, this is ALL I do now.  Every day, I come into my office, and I obsess over how to make my presentation better.  More intuitive.  More adaptable.  Easier to present.  More compelling. 

Yes, I admit it.  I’ve got O.C.D.

Imagine if you had a team of people who did nothing all day long, except obsessively refine and improve your listing presentation.

Now, imagine no more.  Because…

The Knowledge First Listing Presentation is available NOW.

If I had this presentation from the beginning of my career, I would be $1.6M richer.

Do I really think I would have won every one of those 168 missed opportunities?

Not really.  You can’t win them all.

But I do believe if I could go back in time with the Knowledge First Listing Presentation, I would win at least 90% of the ones I lost. 

So I'd be $1,436,400 richer, at least. 

And that’s only on lost listings.  If I added up all the other mistakes I made over the course of my career, I’m sure I’m out at least $2M. 

It’s painfully easy for everyone in this business to make simple but extremely costly mistakes.  You could easily be missing out on an extra fifty grand every year, and not even realize it.

I designed Knowledge First, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

Click here to learn more.

—Coach Ted


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