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The 4 Communication Styles

communication May 16, 2019

You know those “lucky” REALTORS® who always seem to get what they want? 

That’s not luck!

Those agents have mastered the skill of recognizing different communication styles, and they’ve learned to adapt their style to match.

In any relationship-based business, this is likely the #1 most important skill you can develop, and it’s not nearly as hard as you might think once you set your mind to it.

Let’s start by identifying the four main communication styles, as shown here:

The horizontal axis measures assertiveness and pace, and the vertical axis measures responsiveness and whether a person is more relationship-oriented or more task-oriented.

Now, let’s look closer at the different communication styles and consider how you might alter your style to communicate with other styles more effectively.

1. The Analytical

Analytics are information oriented, and they have a keen eye for detail. They have a deductive reasoning process and will make a logical decision, as opposed to an emotional one.

They are skeptical of vague statements, such as “The market is lousy!” You have to SHOW them with facts and figures.

If you struggle with Analyticals, that’s because you’re not giving them the information that they require to make a decision.

If YOU are an Analytical, and you’re presenting to anyone who isn’t, you must be careful not to bore people to death with all your fancy super-detailed charts and graphs.

(I can speak freely about Analyticals because I am one.  But I understand the strengths and weaknesses that come with my communication style).

For example, if I’m giving a Listing Presentation to an Expressive person, using the same method that I prefer, I’m going to fail miserably.

2. The Amiable

Unlike Analyticals, Amiables care less about data, and more about relationships and establishing rapport and trust with you.  They are naturally warm and friendly, conversational, and they want everyone to get along.

They are also intuitive, and they care about how situations “feel”.

To create a good impression with an Amiable, you need to take your time getting to know them, ask plenty of questions and show interest.  This nurtures your relationship and makes them feel valued.

In a listing presentation, you should present to an Amiable with a friendly and relaxed tone. However, they still appreciate being given direction.  They will look to you as an expert and expect you to “run the meeting”.  They are engaged, ask good questions, and seem interested.

But beware!  You can easily get a false sense of security with an Amiable.

The worst thing you can do with an Amiable is to charge through your presentation, without paying attention to their wants, needs, and ideas.

Remember that although Amiables are generally easy-going and accommodating, they also thrive on being part of a collaborative process, and they want their ideas to be taken seriously.

3. The Driver

It’s all in the name.  Drivers are very direct with a ‘do it now’ attitude.  They like to be in control, and they focus on the end goal and getting results.

Drivers are quick decision makers.  They tend to be impatient and opinionated, and they want the information to be delivered quickly and efficiently.  They value competence, expertise, and preparedness.

If you’re presenting to a Driver, you need to eliminate ALL the fluff and increase your pace if you are an Analytical or an Amiable. 

However, increasing your pace doesn’t mean you should skip important sections of your presentation. 

Drivers may exhibit impatience, but you’ve got to balance that against the need to demonstrate your competence, which will earn their respect.  Just remember to be straightforward, without compromising the clarity and quality of your pitch.

4. The Expressive

It’s not hard to spot an Expressive.  They are outgoing and enthusiastic, with high energy levels.  They tend to be confident in their pre-conceived opinions, and they’re not afraid to voice them!

Similar to Amiables, Expressives value relationships, and they will appreciate personal stories you include to back up your presentation.  Feel free to show emotion and be animated when you include your stories, and listen attentively to them as well, to establish a deeper connection.

Once an Expressive feels like you understand them and there is an emotional connection, they will be quick to decide to do business with you.  Similar to Drivers, they don’t dilly-dally.

If you’re an Analytical presenting to an Expressive:

Pick up your pace, use fewer charts and graphs, and try to establish a more personal connection.

If you’re an Amiable presenting to an Expressive:

You’re probably going to get along well, but you should concentrate on picking up your pace and don’t be afraid to be more animated than usual.

If you’re a Driver presenting to an Expressive:

Your pace is probably fine.  Just try to spend some extra time to establish a more personal connection. 

This short post is the briefest of introductions to what is quite possibly the #1 most important skill you can learn in a relationship-based business.

If this is new to you, or you feel you should improve your awareness of this subject, there is a wealth of good information on the Internet.  I suggest you concentrate on these four “communication styles” only at first, as it can get confusing and overwhelming if you jump right into the more complex topic of “personality types”.

The Knowledge First Listing Presentation is intentionally designed to work with all four communication styles and appeal to different personality types. Watch the demo here where I'll walk you through the presentation and explain the psychology behind it.

If you start thinking about trying to identify individual styles whenever you meet people, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can improve your skills, and your bank account.

—Ted Greenhough

12 X RE/MAX Chairman’s Club ($500K+) all as an individual agent (2006-2017)
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