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Communicating in a Pandemic

Many agents are using the current downtime to reach out to their database, which is great!

However, do you communicate with every client in the same way? If so, you should probably stop that.

There are four distinctly different communication styles, and you need to communicate with them in the style that they prefer.

The Analytical 🤔

Analyticals may appreciate an email more than a phone call or a zoom call. As with anyone, you should start by checking in and asking how they’re doing, then give them some basic information about how the market is being affected. If you want to continue the conversation, ask them if they’re interested in receiving any further data on the market. If you then follow up with some fancy charts and graphs, the Analytical will think you’re the greatest!

The Driver 😐

Drivers probably do not need to hear from you unless you have something specific to discuss. If you do contact them, either an email or phone call is fine, but make sure you get straight to the point. The worst thing you can do with a Driver is to call them to “chitty-chat.”

The Expressive 😆

Call them! Often! Either by phone or Zoom. And be prepared for a long gab session, every time. Espressives are outgoing, and they get energy from personal relationships. They’re also the most fun conversationalists. Take the time to enjoy their stories, and be prepared to contribute one or two of your own!

The Amiable 🥰

The Amiable is more reserved and less talkative than the Expressive, but they’d still love to hear from you! A phone call is best because a zoom call may be too intimidating. Also, understand that you’ll need to lead the conversation, so be prepared with a few different topics to discuss. The Amiable will appreciate and remember your phone call more than any other type.

If you don’t know which communication style your client is, start listening for clues and create a system to keep track of this vital information, for future reference. Remember, Analyticals and Amiables are more introverted, while Drivers and Expressives are more extroverted. Analyticals and Drivers care more about facts and figures, while Amiables and Expressives care more about relationships.

This doesn’t mean that Analyticals and Drivers don’t care about relationships. They do!  We’re talking about their preferred communication style. Just be conscious of how best to communicate with each one of your clients.

Becoming skilled at identifying communication styles is one of the most important skills you can learn as a professional REALTOR®.

Good luck with your calls (and emails), and stay healthy.

—Coach Ted

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