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Being a Rapid Responder

There are a few key attributes that are clear indicators of your future or current success as a professional REALTOR®.

One of the TOP FIVE is being a rapid responder.

I once called a REALTOR® and got this voice mail, “This is Joe Sloe.  Please leave a message, and I’ll return your call within two business days.”


I rolled my eyes and hung up, without leaving a message.  I’m sure that 95% of his potential clients did the same.

He might as well have said, “This is Joe Sloe.  I’m super important and I’ve got better things to do than return your phone call.  If I think it’s worth my while, perhaps I’ll call you back.” 😠

That phone message is terrible, but there’s something that is far worse:

Crickets.  The complete and total non-response.

And, I’m not talking about just phone calls.  The same applies to emails and text messages.

You might be saying to yourself, “Well, I do respond quickly to messages related to potential new business, but otherwise, I prioritize my time on how I respond.”

Ya, sure you do. 

How many emails do you have in your inbox from weeks ago that you should have responded to, intended to get back to, forgot about, and now it’s less embarrassing to just delete that email, and feel guilty about it?  Or worse, NOT feel guilty about it.  Shame! 😔

That’s way too stressful for me.  Instead, I’ve made it a simple habit to respond as quickly as possible to every single message I get.

By the way, this doesn’t mean I’m hovering over my keyboard waiting to respond in two seconds to every email I get.  You need to learn how to balance your rapid responsiveness against your “get-stuff-done-ness”.  This is an important skill I teach to Knowledge First subscribers.

One key to developing a good habit is to keep it as simple as possible, so no “if-then” rules.  It’s easier and less confusing to respond to all your messages, as rapidly as possible, within the framework of a few simple productivity rules.

In our business, I believe it’s a big mistake to pre-judge whether your response is “income-producing”, or “not income-producing”.  You don’t actually know this.  Besides, it’s impossible to have that attitude and also to be truly customer-service focused.  Don’t kid yourself. 

I live by this quote from Albert Einstein:

“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value”.

Start thinking about becoming a person of value; a rapid and reliable provider of information.  When you do this, you may not realize it at first, but over time your reputation as a trusted authority starts to spread far and wide; then the commission checks take care of themselves.

I can’t even tell you the number of fat commission checks I cashed over the course of my career that originated as a referral from some unknown person, whom I had apparently helped out with a simple response to an email, sometimes years before.

If you’re not making at least $500,000 per year, maybe you should think about changing your attitude.  And, your phone message.

That Joe Sloe guy?  He’s long gone…

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—Coach Ted


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