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The Intelligent Price Reduction Strategy

If you’re a typical Real Estate agent, you’ve probably got about $100,000 worth of uncashed commission checks in your desk drawer, or as some people refer to them—your collection of over-priced listings.  💰

It’s kind of like that stamp collection you had when you were a kid.  You still have the stamps; you just never look at them anymore.

The only difference is your stamp collection is probably NOT worth $100,000.

Here is the standard list of excuses used for NOT fixing your problem, and NOT being $100,000 richer. Pick your favorite! 👇

  1. You’re too busy (chasing after new business, rather than taking care of the business you already have)
  2. Your clients are stubborn and won’t listen to you
  3. You’re bad with confrontation
  4. You’ve got a showing booked for Friday, and you’re hoping for a miracle!
  5. The market is awful, so there’s nothing you can do
  6. You feel dumb for recommending the price in the first place
  7. (Insert your ‘unique’ lame excuse here)

An excuse is simply a challenge that you’ve decided has power over you. – Jen Sincero

Let’s just cut to the chase right now and give you a list of the real reasons why you’re not cashing out your $100,000 stamp collection: 💰

  1. You’re not giving your clients ENOUGH information
  2. You’re not giving them the RIGHT information
  3. You’re not giving them ANY information!

Remember last week when I talked about sending the right information BEFORE the Listing Appointment, and how if you do it right, your clients will figure out the price for themselves?  🤔

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The same principle applies:

The BETTER the information you provide, the more likely people will make informed, intelligent decisions.

Would you like to see the EXACT step-by-step strategy I used to ensure that over 99% of my listings sold within the first listing period, even if the price was too high at the start? 👍

Would you like to know why my clients called me on a regular basis, asking if they should reduce their price, and how I frequently had to talk them out of it? 👍

I’ll send you a copy of my step-by-step guide “The Intelligent Price Reduction Strategy,” in return for a simple favor (see below).  But first, there are three reasons I’m NOT including it within this ‘Memo.’

  1. It’s extremely valuable. Besides liquidating your $100,000 over-priced-listing collection, this document provides a permant and logical solution..
  2. It’s a simple strategy but to explain it properly requires more space than is available inside this ‘Memo’ format.
  3. My competitors are already “borrowing” from me. (Thanks for the compliment!)  I know they’ll get their hands on the information anyway, but it’s only sporting to make them work for it a bit.

There’s a fourth reason, too:

If you’re too lazy to do me this simple favor, there is a 100% chance that you’re also too lazy to implement the strategy I’m going to give you.  It does require some work on your part, after all, specifically in the area of customer service.

In fact, “The Intelligent Price Reduction Strategy” is a misnomer.  But my original title seemed a bit long, “The Intelligent Way to Run Your Business with a System that Easily and Consistently Delivers Powerfully Convincing Information to Your Clients”.

As with all effective business strategies, it’s not about how you react to calamity, but rather it’s about proactive planning and having a system to ensure highly-effective ongoing communication.  “The Intelligent Price Reduction Strategy” reveals the exact system I used, and one of the key reasons for my success as a top-producing agent, who made his living from a steady stream of referrals.

So, here’s the simple favor I am requesting, in return for this extremely valuable 2-page document:

Please ask two of your REALTOR® friends to sign up for the Real Agent Memo.  Just send them this link https://www.knowledgefirst.ca/real-agent-memo and a copy of this ‘Memo’ as an example.

Then, I’ll send you my step-by-step guide, “The Intelligent Price Reduction Strategy.” 💡  It’s only three steps by the way.  I love simple!

After you receive it, please DO NOT share this document. After all, I’m asking very little (two sign-ups) to get it.

If your friends want it, all they have to do is sign up two other friends.  If that’s not perfectly fair, I don’t know what is.  So, please honor this request. 

Your REALTOR® friends can be anywhere in North America, as long as they are licensed agents and not current subscribers.  After they subscribe, simply email me and tell me their names.  Even if they unsubscribe an hour later, at least you tried.  This is in the spirit of helping each other.  Deal? 🤝

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If you don’t want to get coaching from me, get it from someone else, please!

As a Real Estate agent, having a coach is the best investment you can possibly make. 👨‍🏫

—Coach Ted

Ted Greenhough

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