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Referrals – The Never-Ending Stream

“Word of mouth” is by far the most effective type of advertising there is, and it’s FREE.

But, WHY exactly do people refer to you?  🤷

People recommend you because it makes THEM look good.

When your client recommends you, it means they have 100% confidence that you will provide the exact same level of exemplary service to their friends and family, that you provided to them.

When people have this level of confidence in you, they will go out of their way—without being asked—to recommend you.

On the other hand, if there was anything about their experience working with you that wasn’t perfect, they might be unwilling to take the risk that you might make them look bad. 🤐

Have you ever thought you did a great job, asked your clients for referrals, thought for sure they were going to come through, and it just never happened?

Maybe they told you they were 100% satisfied and thought you did a great job.  So, why no referrals?

It’s probably because they’re not telling you the whole truth.  They don’t want to hurt your feelings, because they like you.  But, here’s what they’re saying to their friends:

“He’s a super-nice guy, and he tries hard, but we thought he could have done a bit better at this, or that.”

There’s some reason they weren’t thrilled; they’re just not telling you. 😐

Let’s be clear.  They don’t think you did a terrible job!  Not at all!  They were, in fact… “satisfied.”

Yuck.  I hate that word.

You don’t get referrals by being “satisfactory.”

Think about it.  You go to a store, and you received “satisfactory” service.  Do you call up your friends and say, “Hey, you’ve got to check out this store!  Their products are adequate, and the service was satisfactory!”

Nope. 🙅‍♂️

You get referrals by being “exceptional.”

When you provide your clients with the right information at the right time, when you have highly-effective systems and procedures, when you are proactive rather than reactive, when you know what to say and how to say it in different situations, these are all ways to eliminate misunderstanding and problems before they occur and to dramatically improve the value that you provide to your clients.

“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value” – Albert Einstein

The truth is it’s far easier and more rewarding to run your business around providing exceptional service and creating a never-ending stream of referrals, rather than having to pursue low-quality “leads” every day.

Wouldn’t you rather be “taking care of business” rather than “chasing after business”? 😁

That’s what the Knowledge First Real Estate Master’s Program is all about. 

You can’t just decide from inside your head that from now on, you’re going to be exemplary in every situation!  You’ve got to learn HOW.

You want a never-ending stream of referrals?  I’ll show you HOW.  Coming soon (January 2020).

—Coach Ted

Ted Greenhough

12 X RE/MAX Chairman’s Club ($500K+) all as an individual agent (2006-2017)
Now, I teach good REALTORS® how to be great REALTORS®

Knowledge First Real Estate Training
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I teach high-integrity REALTORS® how to quickly become a Trusted Expert and a Top 1% Agent, by leveraging an easily learnable combination of knowledge and skills, in order to deliver an extraordinary level of customer service.


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