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Marketing on the MLS

“Anyone can post your listing on the MLS!”

Also, anyone can cut their own hair.  The point is obvious.  There’s a massive difference between an amateur and a professional MLS Presentation.

Let’s take a step back and ask a fundamental question:

How important is the MLS presentation? 🤔

Answer: It’s the source of information for 99% of your potential buyers, and therefore—from your sellers’ perspective—it is BY FAR the most important piece in ALL your marketing efforts.  Nothing else even comes close!

What’s your main job as a listing agent?  It’s to generate as many quality showings as possible.  The more showings, the more likely you’ll find the right buyer.

The most important way to generate showings is to have a powerful and compelling presentation on the MLS System. 👍

But very few REALTORS® even mention this vital information during their Listing Presentation!

Why?  Because they don’t know how to overcome the objection that, “Anyone can post your listing on the MLS!”

Also, in most cases, they’ve got no good reason to brag. 🤪

And yet, this is one of the EASIEST ways to differentiate yourself as a true professional.  I mean, let’s face it.  Most Real Estate agents are “cutting their own hair” when it comes to their MLS Presentations.  It’s downright embarrassing!

This is a big and important topic, so I’m going to break it out into a few different segments over the next few weeks, beginning with the topic of professional photography.

You do use a professional photographer for all your listings, right? 

Yes?  Big deal!  So does everyone else. 🤣

There’s way more to this subject than simply stating that you use a professional photographer.  😴 That’s like a car salesperson telling you that the car comes with power windows.  So what?

Next, we’ll talk about your writing, which sucks, and how to fix it easily by following a few simple rules. 

How do I know your writing sucks?  I don’t.  But I’m 99% sure.  Sorry. 🤓

Even if you think you’re one of the 1%, I’m still going to make your life a little bit easier, at the very least.

Stay tuned!


- Coach Ted

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