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How to find the Best Service Providers in Real Estate

Last week, in Your Brand is Your People, we talked about how every team member and service-provider you have is a direct reflection on YOU.

Now, let’s talk about how to build a list of the best service providers and why this is so important.

Being able to say, “I got a guy for that” can be an instant problem solver that keeps things moving forward. 👍

You’re out looking at homes with your buyers, and you find a property in the exact location they want. It has an ideal floorplan, and it’s priced right. There’s only one issue: The colors are completely outdated.

Your clients see this as a big problem. The thought of moving in and then having to repaint everything seems like way too much hassle. They want to keep looking. That’s when you chime in:

“I got a guy for that. My painter can paint the entire house for less than $5,000, and he can get it done before you move in. Let’s see if we can negotiate the price down a bit more to cover the cost.”

Problem solved. You arrange the timing with your painter and negotiate the deal. Your buyers move into their beautiful, freshly painted home, and they’re thrilled! 😁

Now, let’s consider a situation with potential sellers. They want to list, but they need to make numerous repairs first. It seems like a big hassle, and they’re hesitant to move forward.

“I got a guy for that. And that. And that.”

You make the connections, the work gets done efficiently and inexpensively, and the home gets sold quickly for a high price.

Who’s the hero?

YOU are, my friend. YOU are the solver of problems. 😊

So, where do you find all these “guys”?

Simple. Ask your friends. Ask other agents. Put it out there in a social media post. Make it a habit to continually add to and refine your trades list.

Remember, you’re looking for quality people. They’ve got to be great at what they do, but they also need to be prompt, polite, and pleasant. Don’t add just anyone to your list!

Remember, Your Brand is Your People!

That said, there could be an exception to this rule. For example, I had a guy who was the world’s greatest carpet cleaner. He was the best and also the cheapest, which is a rare combination. But, he barely spoke English, and let’s just say he wasn’t the most pleasant person. 😠

So, I would tell people straight-up, “He’s the best carpet cleaner I’ve ever seen, but he barely speaks English, and he’s not the most pleasant fellow you’ve ever met! If you can live with that, I guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the job he does.”

When you tell people the truth up-front, they know what to expect, and therefore it’s not an issue. My clients would joke with me afterward, “Hey, you weren’t kidding about that guy, Ted! He’s tough to talk to! But, he did an amazing job. Thank you!”

My friend, great REALTORS® are problem solvers.

More problem solving next week when we talk about The Great Negotiator!

—Coach Ted

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