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How to Explode Your Referrals

Starting with ONE client

You start the year in January with one client.  You make a deep and lasting impression on that client, and as a result, they happily refer you to two of their friends. 

Now it’s February, and you’ve got two clients.  Again, you do an amazing job, and each of your two clients is thoroughly impressed.  They each refer you to two of their friends.

Now it’s March, and you’ve got four clients.  If you keep this pace up, how many clients have you accumulated by the end of the year?

Answer: 4,095 😲

You don’t believe me?  Here’s the math: 1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128+256+512+1,024+2,048=4,095

Impossible?  Yes!  But only because once you have an overwhelming number of clients (around June), it becomes unfeasible to perform at an extraordinary level, and therefore you don’t get as many referrals.

Until you reach that point, it’s NOT impossible, and it’s NOT unreasonable to expect to get two referrals from each and every client. 😄

And by the way, referrals are not “leads.”  Referrals are clients.  If you’ve got the proper skills, you will NEVER fail at converting a referral to a client.  NEVER!

When you’ve got the SKILLS, you know what you DON’T need?  More crappy “leads” to chase. 🙄

I closed almost 1000 transactions in my career, and I made between $590,000-$865,000  every year for 12 consecutive years, all as an individual agent, and I never once chased after a cold lead.

Wouldn’t you rather be TAKING CARE of business, rather than CHASING after business? 🤔

If you’re willing to make a small investment of your time and one-eighth of one commission check (based on my career average), I’ll show you EXACTLY how I did it.

But it’s actually so much MORE than what I did!

The Real Estate Master’s Program 🎓

After an entire year of continuous refinement and development, the information inside this program is now so advanced; I could have only dreamed of having had access to such an awesome vault of information during my career.

You probably won’t land 4,095 clients in a year, but it’s perfectly reasonable to expect 50. 😊

There are eight modules online right now, six more in development and more coming later.  For a limited time, as a Founder’s Club Member, you receive lifetime access to this exclusive information that is not available ANYWHERE else.  The content will be updated at least once every year.

It takes an average of 31 minutes to complete a module, and another two hours to complete your homework.  Most people waste more time than that before noon on Monday.  By the way, I’ll show you how to fix that problem in module #2, permanently. 🤣

If you’re reading this, here’s a special offer that is not available to anyone else:

Watch the first module, Geo Farming.  It’s 34 minutes).  If you’re not hooked immediately, I’ll refund all your money, no questions asked, even if you’re not the slightest bit interested in Geo Farming. 

You see, it’s NOT just about Geo Farming.  There is in-depth knowledge and skill development interwoven throughout every module, far beyond the main subject matter itself.  You’ll see what I mean.

Here’s a comment from one 5-year agent after completing only the first module:

“Ted, you’ve completely rejuvenated my career.  Thank you!”

Click here to begin your journey.  Scroll down to the Founder’s Program, order it, and you can get started immediately.  I’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

What have you got to lose?  34 minutes? 

What have you got to gain?  Everything, my friend. 🤝

Note: Next week, I’ll go back to posting FREE nuggets of information every week, as I have for the past year.  You can see all those previous posts here

But you’ll need to read this Memo for about ten more years before it’ll put a dent in the information that is available right now in The Real Estate Master’s Program.

Go for it!

Until next week…

—Coach Ted

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