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Agent Joe Perfect

It’s easy to feel inadequate compared to Agent Joe Perfect, driving his fancy Lambo-Guzzi from one bazillion dollar listing to the next.

But take heart in the fact that Agent Joe Perfect doesn’t actually exist.

Oh sure, he’s on “reality” TV. But those shows could not be more bogus if they tried. 🤣

And, yes, there’s probably a few fakey-faker agents in your market, juggling payments on their McMansion (and everything in it).

The Lambo-Guzzi? It’s a lease.

Hey, I’m NOT saying you can’t get rich being a REALTOR®. You certainly can! 💰

But I’ve noticed that very few truly rich people flaunt their wealth.

For example, Warren Buffett lives in a modest home he bought in 1958 for $31,500.

Do you think Mr. Buffett drives a Lambo-Guzzi?

Nope. It’s a 2014 Cadillac XTS, a car with a retail price around $45,000.

And yet, every newbie straight out of Real Estate School thinks he needs to lease a fancy new Beemer he can’t afford.

“It’s all about the image!”

Ya, no, it’s not. 🙅‍♂️

It’s about being the best you can be. It’s about continually improving your knowledge and skills. It’s about being a professional and providing excellent customer service.

Those things matter way more to most people, compared to what kind of car you drive.

And those things are far more likely to bring you real success in Real Estate, compared to the faker-guy with no skills or integrity.

Okay, so you shouldn’t show up to your listing appointment in a rust-bucket jalopy and barf oil all over the driveway.

But if you’ve got a five-year-old Honda Accord (or equivalent), don’t worry about it!

Take care of it. Keep it clean.

Dress and act professionally. Be good at your job. 👍

Just in case someone who knows me calls me out on this, yes, I’ve owned some cool cars (and even cooler motorcycles) in my life. For example, that’s my 2008 Mercedes E63 in the picture. It’s been gone for a while now, but I still miss it; the last of the big AMGs with a hand-built naturally-aspirated motor, producing 507 hp.

That probably sounds like a lot of babble to most of you.

Unless you’re a hard-core car-guy, like me!  You see, I never bought anything to impress anyone but myself.

I don’t think I impressed any clients with the E63, anyway. Let’s just say the suspension was better suited for a race car than chauffeuring clients. The ride was decidedly un-plush!

Skip the Beemer payments, folks. If you invest in yourself now, you’ll be able to buy any car you want later. Even a Lambo-Guzzi.

—Coach Ted

I teach GOOD REALTORS® how to become GREAT REALTORS®, with a simple, logical, easy-to-follow, easy-to-implement, inspirational step-by-step program.

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