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1,440 Minutes

You get 1,440 minutes EVERY day, folks. 

What will you do with yours? 🤔

Let’s knock off half your minutes (720) for sleeping, eating, grooming, and spending quality time with your family.

Watcha gonna do with the other 720 minutes?

If you waste just 5 minutes an hour for 12 hours, that’s one full HOUR of lost productivity every day.  But only super-humans waste only one hour per day! ⏰

Here are a few of the most obvious time-wasters:

  • watching TV
  • surfing the web and social media
  • watching useless videos
  • obsessively checking your smartphone and email

Maybe you don’t do any of those things.  But here are some other insidious time-bandits:

  • making lists over and over again, but never getting started on important work
  • starting projects and never completing them
  • thinking about doing productive activities but accomplishing nothing
  • failing to install safeguards against constant interruptions
  • doing things that someone else could do in half the time for half the money
  • “working” on non-productive activities out of sheer boredom
  • commuting and not utilizing the time to learn from audiobooks and podcasts
  • over-analyzing things that don’t require any further analysis
  • failing to be PROACTIVE and thereby spending twice as much time as necessary REACTING

Have you ever wondered how some people can accomplish TEN TIMES as much as you in the exact same 1,440 minutes that you get? 🤪

It’s because they don’t recklessly squander their time.  They perceive time as a valuable and precious commodity.

I’m NOT saying that you should work, work, work, and never have any downtime.  Absolutely NOT!

What I am saying is that YOU, my friend, should be in control of your life, not the other way around.

When you are in control, you will eliminate at least HALF of your time-wasting activities, and you’ll gain between 120-180 minutes of productive time EVERY day.

This is what I teach in Getting Stuff Done; how to have a purposeful, fulfilling life.  It’s arguably the most important module in the entire Real Estate Master’s Program.

Here’s the good news.  Regaining control of your life is not only far easier than you think but the more you do it, the easier it gets! 😃

You have exactly 1,440 minutes every day to spend however you choose.  That’s 10,080 minutes every week. If you spend just 1.5% (150 minutes) weekly on developing your skills and business systems, you will change your entire life.  That’s 30 minutes per day, Monday to Friday. 

Or, you could continue doing the exact same things you’re doing right now.  As an independent free-thinking person, you and you alone have the freedom to choose how you spend your 1,440 minutes every single day.

How will you spend yours?

Choosing NOT to ignore that question could be the smartest thing you’ve ever done.

Until next week…

—Coach Ted

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