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Five Simple Steps to Getting Stuff Done

Uncategorized May 27, 2020

As a busy REALTOR®, chances are you’ve got a hundred little things to get done every day.

And you get them ALL done! Congratulations!

But, what about the BIG stuff?

You know. That website revision you’ve been planning for months, the new listing presentation, or the (fill in the blank) that you never seem to get to, because “there’s never enough time.”

Do you know why there’s never enough time?

It’s because you do the big stuff LAST, when you should be doing it FIRST.

The little stuff is never done, so you never have time to get to the BIG stuff. You’ve got your priorities completely backward. Here’s how to fix that right now:

  1. Accept that you CANNOT “fit in” the BIG stuff whenever “time allows.” Ha! The BIG stuff takes more concentration. You’ll need to work at larger projects for at least one solid hour at a time, without interruption.

  2. Plan to work on your BIG project for one solid Power...
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The Accidental Geo Farmer

I started my Real Estate career just like you did, with zero clients, zero prospects, and not a clue what to do next.

Since I had nothing better to do, I decided to go out and preview listings. Why? Because I LIKED looking at houses. There was no master plan.

I chose properties that were close to my home. Why? Because it was easier.

After a while, I made a game out of it, and started taking notes: This is what I think buyers will like, what they won’t like, how much I believe it will sell for, etc.

Then I tracked how well I did at the “Guessing the Sale Price Game.”

Of course, I was terrible at first, but gradually my skills improved to a level I never would have dreamed of a few months before.

I could walk into a house, look at it, and write in my notes, “Price needs to come down $10K, then it will sell for this much.” And I was right. Not every time, but more often than not.

Then I started doing Open Houses. I didn’t have any listings, so I...

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Marketing Your Marketing

There are two distinct marketing functions in Real Estate:

  1. Marketing your Listings and;
  2. Marketing Yourself ‍

A lot of advertising in Real Estate is under the guise of selling a property, but the real intent is marketing yourself and your services. For example, if you’re advertising a listing on Facebook, what do you think the chances are that some random buyer is going to notice your listing, fall in love with it, and buy it?

The chances of that happening—although not impossible—are about as close to zero as you can get.

That doesn’t mean you should NOT advertise on Facebook. You should!  If you’re not on social media, you’re neglecting a critically important tool that every agent should be using.

The point is, even though the line can be blurred sometimes, there’s a difference between marketing your listings and marketing your services.

Let’s think about this. What exactly ARE your services?

A potential seller wants to...

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7 Steps to Selling in a Pandemic

Sales are slow.

But they haven’t stopped! Homes are being sold EVERY day, all across North America, in EVERY market.

What about you? Are you getting your listings sold?

Or, are you feeling frustrated and unsure what to do?

If so, you’re not alone.

Here’s some practical advice to help you get your listings priced right and sold. There’s nothing like racking up a couple of sales to cheer you up!

At the very least, you’ll be providing your seller clients with some critical information that they need right now.

“The more information you provide to your clients, the greater their ability to make informed and intelligent decisions.” – Ted Greenhough

Here’s how I suggest you consider the current situation for every one of your listings:

  1. Determine who is the ideal target buyer for your listing, and which other homes and neighborhoods that target buyer might consider.
  2. Determine the likely price range of that target buyer. For example,...
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How to Overcome Your Aversion to Video

“I sound and look terrible.”

The words EVERYONE says immediately after viewing their first video performance.

You think you sound terrible because the voice you’re hearing is not what you hear inside your head.

But ask anyone else. “What are you talking about? Your voice sounds fine.”

That IS your voice, after all.

Now, what about not looking like a movie star? Is that a problem? 

Guess what? You look the way you look, and literally, no-one else in the world has a problem with it. In fact, some of them think you’re downright gorgeous. Just imagine that they all do!

What else? Your performance isn’t up to the standard of a professional news reporter.

OK, you’re probably right about that…

But still, nobody cares! After all, you’re NOT a professional news reporter, right? You’re a skilled, experienced, knowledgeable REALTOR®, and people care about what you’ve got to say.

You are indeed your own worst...

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Communicating in a Pandemic

Many agents are using the current downtime to reach out to their database, which is great!

However, do you communicate with every client in the same way? If so, you should probably stop that.

There are four distinctly different communication styles, and you need to communicate with them in the style that they prefer.

The Analytical

Analyticals may appreciate an email more than a phone call or a zoom call. As with anyone, you should start by checking in and asking how they’re doing, then give them some basic information about how the market is being affected. If you want to continue the conversation, ask them if they’re interested in receiving any further data on the market. If you then follow up with some fancy charts and graphs, the Analytical will think you’re the greatest!

The Driver

Drivers probably do not need to hear from you unless you have something specific to discuss. If you do contact them, either an email or phone call is fine, but make sure you get...

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The Power of Honesty


To be persuasive, we must be believable.  To be believable, we must be credible. To be credible, we must be truthful.  — Edward R. Murrow


“Edward Roscoe Murrow (born Egbert Roscoe Murrow; April 25, 1908 – April 27, 1965) was an American broadcast journalist and war correspondent. He first gained prominence during World War II with a series of live radio broadcasts from Europe for the news division of CBS. During the war, he recruited and worked closely with a team of war correspondents who came to be known as the Murrow Boys.

A pioneer of radio and television news broadcasting, Murrow produced a series of reports on his television program "See It Now", which helped lead to the censure of Senator Joseph McCarthy. Fellow journalists Eric Sevareid, Ed Bliss, Bill Downs, Dan Rather, and Alexander Kenrick consider Murrow one of journalism's greatest figures, noting his honesty and...

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Nailing the Perfect List Price

pricing real estate tips Apr 08, 2020

Note: This is a small distraction from current events. You’re not likely to be listing a lot of properties right now, but it’s never a bad time to work on your skills.

Is determining the perfect list price the hardest part of your job?

I’ll let you in on a deep dark secret.

It’s the hardest part for all agents.

Either you agonize about pricing, or you’re terrible at it (and don’t even realize it). One or the other.

“Why the heck isn’t this house selling? I don’t get it!”

Oh, I dunno. Maybe cuz you’re $50K over? Or $100K over?

Yes, pricing is the most challenging part of being a great agent, and—as is often the case with difficult things—the most important.

You’ll make WAY more money by perfecting the science/art of pricing than you will with every other Real Estate skill combined.

You know the price adjustment methodology they taught you in “Real Estate School?”

Throw that in the...

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The Secret to Success in Real Estate

When I was an active Real Estate agent, I always had an office in the brokerage.

I found it too distracting to work from home. Now, of course, I have no choice!

Working in an office can be distracting, too, what with other agents stopping by to chat.

But I thought of these interactions as one of the many benefits of working at the brokerage. It kept me in the loop, and I learned and became a better agent by listening to others.

Besides, when I needed to Get Stuff Done, I simply closed my office door, and everyone knew not to bug me.

I would often get asked, “What do you do in there all day, Ted? Prospecting?”

Ugh. Not a chance.

I made a cold call once, hung up the phone, and swore I’d never do it again.

“So, what do you do all day?”

“Um… I dunno. Mostly just take care of my clients.”

They would look at me in silence like they didn’t believe me.

Remember, I earned $590,000 in my second year.  And, not long after that, I was...

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Lessons From The Present

Are you stuck at home?

Feeling cooped up?

Me, too. I’ve NEVER worked from home, so this is bizarro strange world to me.

There’s one member of our household who is thrilled about it; my dog, Bentley!

He’s getting multiple walks daily, and he’s never left alone. He’s got a permanent smile on.

Lucky for him, he’s oblivious to the challenge we humans are facing right now.

But, I’ve noticed something different about me, too, when I’m walking Bentley.

I appreciate it more! I’m not in a hurry to “get it over with,” like I used to be.

The sun’s beating down on my face. I’m breathing in the fresh air. And you know what? I’m suddenly enormously grateful that I’m able to enjoy the simple things in life.

I think others are feeling it too. I live in a friendly neighborhood, but it’s somehow even friendlier, now.

When a neighbor walks by—even on the other side of the street because we’re...

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