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Hi, I’m Ted.

After my first year as a REALTOR®, I earned between $590,000–$865,000 for 12 straight years, all as an individual agent, without ever once making a cold call, reciting a canned script, telling anyone what I thought they wanted to hear, or any other ‘salesy’ stuff.
If you’re a high-integrity agent, but you’re frustrated at not getting the same results, I can help.

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"Ted Greenhough is a highly professional and trusted Real Estate Coach who has the experience and knowledge to help agents grow their business in a sustainable way. Since I started working with Ted, I have learned cost effective techniques for Geo Farming, how to organize and follow up on leads quicker and with more impact, and how to grow the number of Real Estate transactions by providing a higher grade of service which ultimately leads to more referral business. I absolutely recommend Ted for anyone looking to become a better Real Estate Agent for their clients."

— Michael Newton
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If you want to be a true Real Estate Authority...

You need Knowledge. First.

Listing Presentation

A powerful, customizeable listing presentation built specifically for individual Calgary agents.


One-on-One Coaching

Personalized coaching sessions focusing on your strengths, weaknesses, and goals.


"This is how real estate really works. Honest, organized and professional. It’s not always about what a client wants to hear, it’s sometimes what a client needs to hear. "

— Norm Wilkinson
RE/MAX Realty Professionals

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